After meeting with two awesome professors from the University of Kentucky, I have homework! Figures! My goal is to reframe my entire 8th grade science curriculum through the lens of climate change. I know that everything I teach can be taught through climate change so I figured, why not? Let’s do it.

Step one – identify how much we feel like biting off for the first year (check – we are going to design 2 units)

Step two – identify the standards that will be addressed through this curriculum (check for the physics of climate change unit – waiting to see how the NGSS is laid out by grade for middle school)

Step three –¬†develop overarching questions to be answered throughout

Step four – design the assessment

Step five – develop the projects (Some PBL), activities, flipped aspects to help students master the standards

Step six – develop a timeline for implentation

Step seven – give it a shot, assess, take notes, pray

Well, that’s my plan for now!! Sounds simple enough but wow, once you hit step one, it is very deep and complicated. We are trying to create something that none of us have seen or heard of before. I am super excited and nervous about this task. Having the support of my principal and district science coordinator is very encouraging. Having the support of these fine folks at the local university is also very encouraging!

Well, that’s it for now, and we’ll see how it goes!!!