We have just finished our 12th day at my school. This opening has been one of the smoothest that I have been part of ever. Our team is being very intentional about making positive connections with our kids and it is making a difference. The kids want to try and are working hard!

During the open house that our school hosted, I was able to talk for about 9 minutes with the parents of the children I have in class. First off, that is not nearly enough time and second, they are an awesome group of parents! I let them know that the first semester is all about a deeper understanding of climate change (no gasped or called me names). They were then told that the second semester was all about the Next Gen Science Standards. The parents were excited by the idea and want to help.

In my class I am talking to the kids about how my room is their room. That it is ok to be wrong. That it is ok to make a mistake. That you need to be brave. That we (student and I) need to care about whether they learned the material. That a second and possibly third chance will be given in my room. That I will forgive. That they need to work hard. Be proud of the work you put your name on. We will go farther than they have before.

I am also trying to focus on positive relationships with my kids. I know that the work up front will pay dividends down the road. I greet my kids as they enter and say something else to them as they leave. Each week I am picking a different student in each class to call home and brag on them. Parents have enjoyed getting an email each week that talks about we have done and will do. Our school is working on the 2×10 program where each teacher picks a kid to talk to for 2 minutes a day for ten straight days. It is difficult to make sure I do this each day but I am trying.

It is a great start and I hope to update this more often than once a month.

Any comments would be great!!