I have seen the letters on the internet that have made the rounds about so and so quitting teaching. “I love to teach but ….”, “I love the kids but …”, “I love the people I work with but …”. Teaching is not an easy job. Teaching is not for someone who wants their “summers off”. Teaching is truly a calling.

I keep teaching because:

1) I love to teach, period.

2) I love my kids, they are mine during the school year. I share both the good and the bad, the triumphs and failures, happiness and sadness. We try to be a family.

3) I love the folks I work with….well, I really respect them and the job they do day in and day out.

4) I believe I make a difference. Sorry, but I do not have hard data from a test. What I do have is a regular invitation to a recital, to a graduation, emails from former students, facebook messages from former students keeping me up to date on what they are doing, notes from parents saying thanks.

5) I am having fun. I have fun teaching, not every day and every hour but over the course of the year, this job is a blast. 8th graders are a trip. Oh my gosh they are so goofy and funny. They are excellent!!!

6) I honestly can not see myself doing anything else. I feel at home in the classroom. It just feels right.

That is why I keep teaching.