So it’s the end of the year now. This is where I look back and take stock of the year. Was it a good year? What did I do successfully? What did I totally mess up? Did I help my students get ready for high school? Did I challenge my students? Were my students able to use the knowledge and apply it? Was the atmosphere in my room conducive to a positive learning environment? What types and how many questions did my students ask during the year? Where can I be more efficient in my teaching? Where can I let my students take the lead in their learning? How can I better reach my students? These are the questions that I plan to struggle with over the next couple of weeks and hopefully try to answer here.

As for now, it has been a great last few days. My students and I have been able to have fun, laugh and enjoy each others company (all while getting pelted with water balloons). Instead of staying good luck, I’m telling my students to make good choices, to challenge themselves, don’t settle and strive to find some sort of after school club that you can join at the high school. I have also been trying to talk with them about being smart on the net, careful what you post and to not get caught up in the drama on social media. My students are ready to go and conquer high school.

Tomorrow I get to watch my 8th grade students get promoted to 9th grade. They deserve it!