So summer is here and what do I find myself doing? Playing with my kids, talking with my wife, enjoying the daytime? Nope. I find myself already trying to understand the Next Generation Science Standards and how I will implement them. I find myself trying to figure out the Student Growth Goals section of the new evaluation system. I find myself still working.

I am continually working to find that balance between spending time with my family and spending time on my students. My family deserves my attention as much or more than my students. I do not apologize for putting my family first. I will do whatever I can for the students I teach but they will come after my own family. The last couple of years, I feel I have gotten better at making that balance work for me. It is and will always be a struggle.

This summer, I plan to play with my kids, go hiking, spend time at the beach, go camping and other fun stuff with my family. I also plan to really dive into the NGSS and PGES systems. I will have fun with my family. I will strive to improve my craft.

I am curious if anyone else feels that struggle, family and work? How do you balance the two?