Well, I am really trying to dig in the first unit in our sequence. It starts off the year for my 8th graders with the following:

1) DCI – LS1.D: Information Processing: Each sense receptor resopnds to different inputs (electromagnetic, mechanical and chemical), transmitting them as signals that travel along nerve cells to the brain. The signals are then processed in the brain, resulting in immediate behaviors or memories. (08-LS1-8).
2) PE – Gather and synthesize information that sensory receptors respond to stimluli by sending messages to the brain for immediate behavior or storage in memories. (Assessment Boundary – does not include mechanisms for the transmission of this information).(08-LS1-8).

So I am lost looking at the DCI and PE for this standard. Are the students to show how the information gets to the brain, or becomes a memory or ???? Since it does not include the physical way to get from the eye to the brain or fingers to the brain, what exactly are the students to do? Are we trying to help the students learn about learning?

Many questions, so few answers.

I would love to have some responses to this and get a conservation started. What do you all think?