So today ended on a high note for me. I don’t know if it gets much better than when you ask your students, so, what do you all think about this project? The boys that were right there, looked at me and said, “this is so much better than the way we used to do it” “I love it” “I actually enjoy struggling trying to figure out the problems”.

It all started a bit ago when I decided to try a new approach to teaching my current unit. I proposed to the students a problem based approach, let them know that I have never done it before and that I am sure issues will come up but we can work together to solve the issues together. The students have really taken this problem and run with it. To say I have been happy with the results is an understatement.

All of this really is for me to watch and see how they integrate two of the NGSS practices (Asking Questions) and (Modeling). They will have to make a model and the type is up to them. I showed them the Practice Modeling sheet from Appendix F and pointed to the middle school column as to what their models need to be able to meet the expectation. I am excited to see how the models develop over the course of this unit!