I know that I have had those days I want to give up, to quit teaching. It is getting harder every year to teach with so many new directives, policy changes, mandates and stresses. Many of my colleagues have those days as well. It’s been 15 years and here I am, plugging away. Why do I keep at it? Simple really and let me give you an example.

A couple weeks ago I ended up in the ER with some severe pain and a few days later had minor surgery. Not exactly what I had planned for the bit before Thanksgiving break. Trying to get sub plans together is hard enough. Trying to do that while on pain meds and trying to figure out how to keep the class moving forward is even harder. I did my best to set it up so the sub(s) could keep my class rolling. They did their best and I really appreciated their efforts. Well, I do utilize Edmodo in my classroom and when I finally logged back on after surgery, I saw messages from many of my students wishing me well and asking how I was doing. On my first day back, I was walking by the library and one of my students came bounding out of the library to give me a hug and tell me they were glad to see me back. I was exhausted and the kids could tell and they were very understanding, let me sit and come to me with questions instead of the usual me meandering around the room to see what they were doing and helping out. Those simple gestures mean so much and represent that a relationship has been formed! Those simple gestures are what keep me going each year. They remind me that I am in the right spot, that I am in the right position. My teammates and staff also sent get well cards which again make me feel wanted and appreciated.

On those rough days that I know we all have, remember those simple gestures. Think of those differences you have made in the lives of your students, in the lives of your colleagues. I know they help keep me going, help remind me why I teach.