Hi everyone,

Twitter is such a powerful tool for educators. Being able to reach so many other educators to share ideas, experiences, ask questions and lean on in tough times is powerful. For science teachers, twitter is especially powerful because it allows you to keep up to date with actual practicing scientists. I know that I really enjoy following many scientists on twitter because it allows me to stay current and bring really cool events or experiences I see to my students. When I teach a unit, I try to find a couple scientists who are researching that topic and see if they will let my students tweet them questions. This has worked out well over the last year.

Recently, I put on twitter, asking if there were any scientists who would be willing to Skype with my students. My thoughts here are that I want to expose my students to as many different scientists as possible so I am honestly not worried about trying to match them up with my content (at least not right now). So far, I have at least six confirmed and my students are very excited about it. I like this idea of getting my students to talk with experts in different fields. You never know, one of my students might see something that interests them and gets them to go into a science field they had never thought about before. We might be able to find a mentor for one of my student’s who has a deep interest in their field?

I know this was short, but I just wanted to put this out there. Twitter is fantastic and if you are not taking advantage of it, you should be.

What do you all think?

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