It is that time of year, to start planning again. Planning with the NGSS in mind is like learning a whole new language for planning. It is one thing to read the standards, it’s another thing to read them and understand the interplay between the three dimensions. Planning now means I have to truly focus on what I am putting together so it gets that 3D interplay that is at the core of the NGSS. Another tool was recently released to help us and that was the set of Evidence Statements. So far, I have read the overview twice and will go back to read it one more time before I try to start working with the evidence statements. What I have taken away so far is that when I plan, I will look for a phenomena that would be of interest to my students, try to see what Performance Expectations meet that phenomena, then go with the appropriate DCI’s, SEP’s and CCC’s to support the PE’s.

As I work through the unit/topic/bundle, I will have the appropriate Evidence Statements there with me. I would like to go through and color code the corresponding language to the DCI’s, SEP’s and CCC’s that are in the Evidence Statements. Once they are color coded, I will start working on developing a set of instruction that helps guide the students to proficiency in those PE’s. The evidence statements will be there to use as a guide, to see am I on the right path with what I expect the students to produce that I can use as evidence of their learning.

I know this is very generic, but that’s what I have to work with so far. Any thoughts/questions/criticisms?