This is the start of year 16 for me. To me, that’s an achievement right there. It’s hard for me to sit back and think I’ve been doing this for 16 years! My goodness, where did the time go?

Each year I start out with goals for the year and this year is no different.

Goal 1 – To better integrate 3 Dimensional Learning into my teaching and assessments.

This goal is pretty straight forward. I feel confident with the DCI’s, lukewarm with the SEP’s and a tad intimidated by the CCC’s. It really is for me this year, how do I truly and I mean truly, integrate the three? I feel I did a decent job last year of combining the SEP’s and the DCI’s but really only paid lip service to the CCC’s. So my goal is to better integrate the Cross-Cutting Concepts into my planning and instruction.

Goal 2 – To better lead my department in the implementation of the NGSS in our school.

I want to really help my department move forward in our implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards. We have some great people in my department who have some great ideas. I want to help capitalize on the strengths of my department to help them help each other move forward in the integration of NGSS, to help each other push out of our comfort zones and to get a true NGSS department. We are on the path, a curvy path, to implementation but I know this will take time, patience and some deep conversations. I feel the best way is to lead by example and I am trying. I know I’m not perfect and will make mistakes, but I feel that is important that my department sees that risk taking is ok. We have to take think differently in our planning, teaching and assessing to truly get a 3 Dimensional Learning, student centered environment.

Goal 3 – To better reach my struggling students.

Last year was not a good year for me working with my struggling students. I got frustrated and irritated way too often. That bled over into how I interacted with them and did not make for a good, successful year. This year it is my goal to better reach them, to get to know them, to really see how I can help them. I really want my struggling students to know that I care about them and want them to succeed. I also hope they come to realize that I really want my room to be one where they feel safe to take a risk, to put themselves out there, to challenge each other, to push beyond what they thought they were capable of doing. So far this year is off to a much better start than last year and I know it has as much to do with my attitude I bring to the class as anything else.

Thanks for listening and I hope this makes sense. I’m definitely open to suggestions, advice or comments. Enjoy!