I am definitely out of my comfort area with what I am trying right now. I have always enjoyed the control in my classroom but now things are a bit different. Previously, we would start a unit with some sort of activity (discussion, movie clip, activity) and then start moving in a linear fashion throughout the unit to the eventual test at the end. Sound familiar? Yesterday, I took a left to try and allow my students to take ownership of where they go with the learning and how we get there. They looked at me almost dumbfounded when I told them I wanted to try this approach, to let them give me the ideas of how and where about the learning. It was quiet for a couple minutes and until one of them finally said, well, what if…. That started the conversation, a simple but powerful statement to hopefully get them going down a new and interesting path. I knew this was the first time they had ever done something like this so giving them totally control with no guidance was not an option so I was there with some guiding thoughts, open ended questions to help their thinking process. By the end of that time frame, each group had quite a list going and on Monday, the plan is to combine these lists into one master list on google drive so each can gain ideas from the other groups. I am excited, yet scared as this is that new road I have never taken. My kids seem excited so far. What we are doing Tuesday, I honestly have no idea right now.