After last Friday, I was a bit frustrated to say the least. I felt like a failure. The weekend my parents visited couldn’t have come at a better time. It was great to back off from my teacher role and be a son/dad/husband for a couple days while my parents got to be with my family. Made me appreciate what I do a bit more.

So why was today good you ask? Well let me share in a few statements below:

  1. The class that had really super frustrated me – we had an open and frank discussion about how the 1st nine weeks was not up to par, how things need to change. Then I asked them for help.
    1. I asked them to let me know how I can help them focus in class?
    2. I asked how would they like to get positive recognition?
    3. I asked what they wanted to learn within the context of our next upcoming unit? (Natural Hazards)
    4. I asked them how they thought they could show me they mastered the performance expectations?
  2. That discussion took all class and I feel it was time well spent.
  3. The next thing that made today good was an event that split over two time periods today.
    1. This morning, one of my students was very excited to talk with me about a new article he read about a new shark. He then proceeded to tell me all about it and thought it was super cool. So my reaction was to mention that he should hop on Twitter and talk to a shark expert about it as well @whysharksmatter. My student shot off his tweet and shortly @whysharksmatter responded and then a conversation was born. There was a grin on the face of my student the rest of class and he told me that he didn’t think scientists would want to talk with someone his age. He loves it when he can have those conversations.
    2. This evening I sent a tweet to @whysharksmatter to say thanks for talking with one of my students. He proceeded to tell me that my student had filled him in on this new shark two hours before he got the official press release about it!
    3. It’s connections like this one that can light that fire in a kid about science and can propel him or her on to do great things. That is one my goals. Is to light that fire for each of my students. Some are more difficult than others, but I can’t stop trying.

For a Monday, not a bad day at all. Not a bad day at all.

Hope all of you had a great day. What made your day good?