Over the summer I had an idea on how to upgrade the science fair process for my students. There were many parts that I changed but the biggest, and one of my favorite was to get practicing scientists to help mentor my students. The mentors were there to offer advice, ask questions, prod and challenge my students through their process. I can now say, I know it helped. You may ask how do I know? Well I could say that the projects were of an overall better quality than before. More importantly, I can point to the fact that of the 7 students I sent to the district fair, 5 of them earned a medal and are moving on to the Regional Science Fair.

I want to thank the scientists that took their time to help. That took time from their jobs, family, personal time to help my students. I can not thank you enough for your help. I know it helped my students. I know they appreciated your help.

Thank you.