A quick overview of an idea I am working on for an upcoming Ecosystem Unit. A large portion of the PE is to construct an argument that changes in an ecosystem affect the population and to evaluate possible design solutions to maintain biodiversity. To this end, I planning on having the students work in small groups and investigate an ecosystem. I could do the traditional research and present of their findings. I could, but I’m not. The big twist, has been to recruit a number of scientists who are willing to help act as experts in their selected ecosystem. There has been an overwhelming amount of support to help my students which is very humbling. They are willing to communicate with my students through twitter, skype or google hangouts, and through Google Docs. I have had scientists volunteer to help from around the United States, Peru, England, France and even Saudi Arabia! I am super pumped about this project. The big ideas are getting firmed up, now to move on to the little ideas, firm up the use of the Science and Engineering Practices and Cross-Cutting Concepts in an intentional manner.