Over the last few months, maybe a year at this point, I have had the honor of talking and learning from Dr. Samantha Oester. She has been a wonderful mentor to both myself and my daughter, great to talk to and get to know, and willing to help my students out. I have learned so much from following her on Twitter that I can’t thank her enough. She isn’t the only scientist that I can say this about but that would be for another blog story. This story centers around a little observation I made following her. After getting to talk with Dr. Oester for awhile, I was invited to join #hearttheoceans movement, a movement to help bring awareness to the importance of the oceans. I wanted to do something for that but wasn’t sure what I could do, especially being in landlocked Kentucky! Well, I had noticed that Dr. Oester and Dr.Januchowski-Hartley had been writing conservation minded Haikus. I figured, my students could watch a part of a the Life Series episode on Fish from the Discovery Channel and then write their own haiku’s. So I asked both Dr. Oester and Dr. Januchowski-Hartley if I could use a couple of theirs as examples (which they both graciously said yes). Now at this point, if you thought 8th graders would think this was dumb, some did, but others took it as a chance to shine and be creative. I posted the best ones to twitter and if you want to read them (please do and let me know which one you liked) go to #conservationhaiku and mine are by my account name @bmsscienceteach. I am proud of what my students did and will try to get another activity like this in the mix for later. It was a fun and different way to let my kids express themselves. Thanks for listening and as always, I am open to feedback!