I sit here with a simple question, Why NGSStweeps? Why do I want to put time into another program about NGSS? For me it really comes down to a simple truth. I love the NGSS and what they stand for in science education. I look forward to the #ngsschat each time. That chat helps invigorate me, pump me back up and get ready to go at it again! After each chat though, I’m like, we only get one hour? I could keep it up for a lot longer. I know there are amazing things going on out there with some amazing people leading the way. We need avenues to share these amazing stories along with our challenges and difficulties.

As a science nerd, I follow @realscientists, @astrotweeps and @biotweeps on twitter. I LOVE those accounts! It has been through those accounts that I have found some of the most fantastic folks to work with and help my students. Following those accounts got me to thinking? Why can’t we have a feed like that for science education, and specifically NGSS? I know there are folks out there who could easily fill a weeks worth of time about what it is they are doing. We need to share these stories. We need to share our adventure in implementation. I have heard it from many people that this is a marathon, not a sprint. I think this account can reach a wide audience and be a help to many of us. I think this can be a great tool for online PD as a sounding board, share a thon, idea generator and a great way to expand your PLC. I am excited to help this project move forward.

With all that being said, I talked about this idea with some of my online PLC friends (@vogelwendi, @tcmssciteach, @jaclyn_austin, @tdsull0518, @KRScienceLady) early this year and we decided to give it a go. We decided to form the admin team and see if we could get this project off the ground. Everyone felt this was a great idea and an excellent way to help teachers see what was happening in various NGSS classrooms across the country. We were able to break up the construction of the website, twitter site, emails and publicizing the account. It was truly a team effort to get this account off the ground. At NSTA16, we went live with it during the #ngsschat hour and the excitement was there for sure.

Currently, we have at least 16 people who have agreed to take a week, from elementary all the way through university instructors. I believe this will be a great mix of educators and will really give us a great chance to share and collaborate in a more in depth fashion. Our first week was handled by Taylor Sullivan and she did a wonderful job of showcasing her class. By sharing her work, thoughts and students with us, everyone who watched that week was able to walk away with a good idea of how she implements NGSS and what her students are able to produce.

If this sounds of interest to you, stay tuned for more details and please give @NGSS_tweeps a follow.