Evening everyone,

This entry maybe a bit short but I wanted to get back into the blog again. I have neglected this for too long at this point and feel bad. I doubt I have anything of real interest to say but here it is anyway.

Point 1: It has been very enjoyable to watch @NGSS_tweeps take off as well as it has this year. With the help of Wendi Vogel, Kathy Renfrew, Jaclyn Austin and Taylor Sullivan, we have made a large leap in numbers of followers. I am very excited to see how it turns out each week as each host adds their own personal twist/flavor to how they are approaching and implementing the NGSS. I really, truly love it. Thank you to everyone who has hosted and thanks to everyone who participates each week. This is definitely one way we will help each other improve.

Point 2: I started another project, not like I had anything else to do with all my ample amounts of free time right? I called it #scistupartner and created the website scistupartner.weebly.com. The whole goal of this website is to help teachers get in contact with practicing scientists to Skype in for a virtual talk with their kids. We are growing slowly but feel it will pick up once people start to see how it works. I firmly believe that having experts talk with your kids should be a priority. They get to see #actuallivingscientist (by the way that was an awesome hashtag), talk to them in real time, ask questions and get to know them! Those types of interactions can be inspirational for the kids. As far as I know, the scientists have loved them as well. There are so many scientists that have helped me with this project, that are excited and waiting to talk with kids and who are just super human beings. Check it out!!

Point 3: As for my teaching this year you ask? If I had to grade my teaching on a five point scale, 1 being bad and 5 being awesome, I would put myself around a 2.5 to be honest. This has not been my best year. I have let myself get pulled off in the mud and get stuck in the weeds. I am not happy with what I have accomplished this year as a whole. I am reflecting, taking notes and already back at the drawing board, not just for next year but for the rest of this year. Have you had a year where you are just like, “what happened?”. I am in that year at the moment and fighting to get out of it. For whatever reason, finding that inspiration has eluded me but I will not give up. That is not who I am as a teacher. I know I can do better. My kids deserve better. I will keep working to be the best teacher I can be for them. I just hope it is enough.

Well, that is what I had on my mind and will try to have a better, more thoughtful blog next time. I would love to hear what you all think about my thoughts.

Enjoy your evening!